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Here, you will find affordable and achievable looks to customise your house and make it feel like home. We have individual decals that suit every taste and budget. Forget the mess and fuss of stencils, this is different. Wall stickers are making a return and they not only look better than ever before, but are made from high quality materials, designed with the wellbeing of your walls in mind. They are a fast, fantastic way to transform a room without paint or glue.

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Bring Your Walls to Life With Wall Stickers

You can bring a room to life in an afternoon and then change it again the next day. Unlike stencils, wall stickers are removable. This is probably the quickest, most affordable way, to achieve wonderful walls throughout your home.

You do not need great artistic ability to makeover an area, the huge variety of wall decals allow you to create a fairy hollow for a princess, or a prehistoric landscape, complete with dinosaurs for your little palaeontologist. Children will be transfixed not only by the colour and detail of the pictures, but also the scale. You can build an epic scene for them, making their room feel like a real life adventure. However, these are by no means just for children. You can use wall stickers in any room in the house to add dazzling glamour, gothic drama or personalisation. They can be subtle, complimenting your existing decor, or theatrical, adding contrasting pops of colour.

Wall stickers have an instant impact and are available to suit your preference. How you choose to apply them is up to you. If you place them on an empty wall, they will come into their own, adding ambience and creating a beautiful statement. But this is your personal space, and you can accessorise with plants or coats hooks to enhance the effect, should you so choose. Of course the wall decals can be removed later easily, leaving no residue on your wall. A range of stunning visual effects are available, offering an alternative to the commitment and complications of hanging wallpaper.

Your living room may be the place you spend the most time, it is possible to personalise this space in a number of ways. Cityscapes are a way to capture some of the excitement and dynamism of metropolitan life. These are available in colour or atmospheric monochrome, producing a shadow theatre effect across your wall. Alternatively, get the vintage feel, by adding red hearts and chandeliers. Then build on your idea with cushions or throws, to echo the theme of your decal. It’s far cheaper and easier than hanging framed pictures.

Designs inspired by nature, bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your home. As they are available in larger sizes, tree decals create a great feature wall and focal point. Depending on the colour, they can suggest autumnal warmth, the lively atmosphere of the park, or the delicate elegance of a Japanese Bonsai. The choice is yours. Natural images provide a calming environment to recharge and relax in.

When choosing wall stickers for your children’s room, you can really have fun and go for the ‘wow’ factor. Let them offer their ideas, safe in the knowledge that they can run wild, without you spending a fortune. Entire landscapes can spring up in one day, perfect for impatient young minds. This also suits the more indecisive child, as you can alter the look of their environment as you please, just by peeling off and removing the stickers if you wish.

Use quotations to display what is close to your heart in life, or what is significant to you. These are available in traditional homely phrases or motivational song lyrics from artists such as Adele and The Beatles. You can find an inspirational quote to give you a lift every day and provide a talking point for visitors.

For animal lovers there are some wonderful illustrations to choose from, enabling you to dress your wall decoratively and simply. You can add the danger of a big cat, the charm of a chameleon or a cute panda. You decide on the atmosphere you’d like to evoke. Black designs work particularly well on white or plain walls, contrasting beautifully and showcasing the full artistry of each design.

Using flower decals is a very feminine way of changing the aesthetics of your room, make it come alive with one of our understated compositions. Bring a dull corner in from the cold by adding an artistic flourish of flowers, butterflies and magical fairies to your interior design scheme.

When using wall decals, the only limit is your imagination. We look forward to providing you with the inspiration and right materials, to make the most of your home.

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