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  Decorative wall stickers that add colour to your wall

Using Dog Wall Stickers in your Home

Wall stickers are an easy way to inject creativity and imagination into your home. From animals and flowers to cars and musical notes, there are various wall stickers available to match your decor and interests. Stickers can be a great focal point and draw interest. They can be exquisitely intricate, creating an effect that looks hand painted in many cases. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to put up and equally as easy to remove. They can be reused, so if you want to move them it is simple.

Dogs are a popular theme, and we sell several different styles of dog wall sticker, from realistically styled German Shepherd profiles to cartoon images. Cute cartoon images such as Clifford the Dog are available in various colours and are ideal for a nursery or child’s room. Or you may prefer the cartoon silhouettes of a dog and cat standing side by side.

Other images may be equally at home in contemporary living spaces, such as the clean lines of a Boston terrier dog or Staffordshire terrier, or those family favourites, the Labrador and Golden Retriever. A wild wolf or husky will complement earthy, naturalistic interiors, while a snarling Doberman or monster claw may suit interiors inspired by comic book style graphics. Or in keeping with the trend in interior design for all things British, why not complement your Union Flag cushions and artwork with the image of a serious and stiff upper-lipped Boxer? Whatever your style and preference there is a dog to match the mood.

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