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This Brachiosaurus wall sticker is available in
S - 85cm(H) x 125cm(W)
M - 115cm(H) x 165cm(W)
L - 155cm(H) x 227cm(W)

Brachiosaurus Wall Sticker

Brachiosaurus wall sticker

A trendy and effortless way to enliven any featureless wall space, this Brachiosaurus wall sticker, with its high quality finish, will leave you speechless. Made from adhesive vinyl of the finest quality, you’ll almost swear it was painted on!

The sticker shows a very attractively rendered Brachiosaurus skeleton and is available in a wide range of colours. The care the artist has put into recapturing the majesty of this magnificent animal shines through and it features tremendous detail, from the end of its snout to the tip of its tail.

A must-have for anyone who possesses a fascination for these amazing creatures, this product is a sure way to add a touch of prehistoric glory to your home or office.

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