Boxer Dog Wall Sticker Instead of relying on traditional decorations and posters to individualise your rooms, you can use a sticker such as this boxer dog wall sticker to provide a focal point of interest. The illustration is of the iconic boxer dog breed, so it’s a great way to show your appreciation for these […]

Golden Retriever Wall Sticker Man’s best friend is epitomised in this simple yet elegant Wall Sticker design. This particular decal features a profile view of a faithful Golden Retriever, looking earnestly to the left of the viewer, and is certainly an ideal choice for canine lovers of any breed. Golden Retrievers are, by their very […]

Springer Spaniel Head Wall Sticker A simple and stylish way to enhance any empty wall space, the high quality finish of this Springer Spaniel wall sticker is sure to impress you. As it is cut from the finest quality adhesive vinyl, you’ll swear it was painted on your wall! The sticker shows a very skillfully […]

Springer Spaniel Wall Sticker Springer spaniel wall stickers can transform any pet lovers bedroom, bathroom or sitting room, once they have been fitted. Each of these adhesive vinyl stickers is professionally computer cut. They can be fitted to various surfaces including wallpaper, windows, bathroom walls or showers, so long as these surfaces are clean. Once […]

Staffordshire Terrier Wall Sticker Dog owners, especially Staffordshire bull terrier owners, will love this Staffordshire terrier wall sticker. As the adhesive backed vinyl has not been printed on, once it has been placed on a wall correctly, it will look like a painting. The colour scheme and decor in a room or house can often […]

Yorkshire Terrier Wall Sticker A Yorkshire Terrier wall sticker is the perfect feature to place on a wall, in homes where someone owns, or is fond of these cute dogs. Each sticker is made from vinyl, is easy to fit, and does no create a mess. It can be placed on any wall, so long […]

Howling Wolf Wall Sticker The howling wolf wall sticker is the perfect finishing touch to a room decorated in a contemporary style. Unlike other ways of applying a design motif, such as stencils or print-making kits, wall stickers are quick and easy to apply, and the application process doesn’t involve any mess. The howling wolf […]


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