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  High Quality wall stickers to brighten up any interior

Create a Magical Feel with Fairy Wall Stickers

Brighten your bedroom and make your room more magical with our selection of fairy themed wall stickers. With an assortment of designs in a variety of sizes and colours, find exactly what you’re looking for to complement your fairy tale décor. Mix and match the different designs to create your own fabulous fairyland! These easy to use wall stickers are a simple and stylish way to add interest to your room decoration. There is none of the mess or fuss that can be involved with painting, papering, and using stencils: simply peel the sticker from its backing sheet and place on the wall. If you’re not happy with the position of the sticker, they can be re-peeled and repositioned.

Fairy wall stickers can work well with other themed stickers, too. Butterfly stickers, for example, would work well for a delicate, fluttery feeling, whereas Tinkerbell can be combined with other Disney characters. Fairies can add flare to floral designs, or a feminine feel to forest themes.

Our fairy wall stickers are perfect for little girls’ rooms, or for bigger girls who haven’t lost their sense of magic and wonder. Each of our fairy stickers is available facing in either direction (left or right), and in an assortment of sizes, to give your greater flexibility in creating the perfect look. Use our colour selection for inspiration: pinks and purples will complement a decidedly girly approach, whereas browns and greens could work to create a woodland atmosphere. There are plenty more colour choices to suit your own design ideas.

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