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This Hibiscus flower wall sticker is available in
S - 70cm(H) x 90cm(W)
M - 90cm(H) x 120cm(W)
L - 115cm(H) x 150cm(W)

Hibiscus Flower Wall Sticker

Hibiscus flower wall sticker

The beautiful Hibiscus plant is normally found growing in tropical climates, but here it is available as a Wall Sticker to adorn the walls of your home – without the need for horticultural skills to keep it in bloom.

Available in a multitude of colours, from monochrome white, black and silver, to deep lavender, purple and blue, this stunning design is an ideal way in which to bring out a touch of elegance to any living space.

This particular design is certainly elaborate, and can be used to help give a feeling of openness to any room. Ideal for those who want to beautify their home with a touch of class.

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