Football Wall Sticker Football fans everwhere will love these wall stickers, which come in a range of colours and sizes, to suit a wide variety of rooms. They are popular with all age groups who love the ‘beautiful game’. A football wall sticker is easy to apply, and easy to remove, if you decide to […]

Footballer Wall Sticker Whether for the football fan, or a footballer at any level, the footballer wall sticker will appeal. It is an adhesive vinyl sticker that can be placed on widely differing surfaces, and, consequently, can be placed in different types of rooms, including bathrooms. The range of colours for this sticker range from […]

Football Shape Wall Sticker What better way of showing your love of the game than through a wall sticker? This football wall sticker depicts the traditional multi-panelled football. It’s available in multiple different colours and three different sizes, so you could purchase more than one sticker and make a collage. Or it could be combined […]

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