Giant Wall Stickers
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  Sensational wall stickers for the home

Transform your Home with Giant Wall Stickers

One of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to brighten up any room in the house is to use wall stickers. These decorative motifs have increased in popularity over the past few years and as such the quality and variety of vinyl stickers available has also improved considerably. Wall stickers come in a range of sizes; small motifs are suitable for people wanting to produce a localised decorative effect, such as butterflies around a headboard in a little girl’s bedroom, however if you wish to create a stunning feature wall within your house we supply a large range of stylish giant wall stickers which can be used to make a visually striking decorative display.

A bare living room wall can be revitalised by applying a giant wall sticker in the shape of a tree or a stunning skyline motif (who wouldn’t want the Eiffel Tower in their living room?) Kitchens and bedrooms can be made welcoming with inspiring quotes, or if you want a more contemporary look why not have your very own Banksy artwork in your hallway. Our giant wall decals come in a choice of colours and each one is easy to apply. Simply apply to a clean surface, peel of the backing paper and smooth out any bubbles and bumps. Removal is equally as simple and, especially beneficial for those living in rented accommodation, no tell-tale marks are left behind. A giant wall sticker is a great way of expressing your style and personality at little cost and can help turn a house into a home.

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