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  Wall Decals and wall stickers to enliven any room

Get Romantic with Heart Wall Stickers

Got a room that needs jazzing up but don’t want to redecorate entirely? Maybe you just want something to catch the eye, or you have a child whos tastes will change as they grow. Make one area a feature of interest by adding wall stickers! Easy to apply and easy to remove, they’re a great way of giving a room a new look on a budget!

Spread the love with our wide range of Heart wall stickers. Try one of the packs of smaller stickers that could be arranged as a border around pictures or shelves, or a larger heart that can stand alone on a wall, or even a heart made up of small hearts! For a bedroom, our Cupid design gives a truly romantic look – this could be combined with our hearts-and-ribbons sticker for extra femininity.

If your taste is more towards the funky and modern side, maybe Seventies-style hearts incorporating a motto such as Be Mine might be more in keeping with your home. A geometric heart design would fit well with a minimalist room, or for something totally different try the Chinese heart symbol!

Take care to ensure the colour of the hearts will fit with the style of your room. Black and white hearts will go with most rooms, but also look at our range of reds and pink too – and if you want something really different, pick a glow-in-the-dark heart!

Heart designs are flexible and versatile – they can bring a whimsical touch to almost any room!

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