Map of the World Wall Sticker

Athens Temple Wall Sticker This grand design brings a bit of history and culture to the home with its artistic and masterful handiwork. The Athens temple wall sticker, made from adhesive vinyl, is perfect for a studio apartment-type setting as it consists of a quirky, yet stylish blend of colour and architecture. The design uses […]

Big Ben Wall Sticker The pride of London can be brought home and stuck to any wall in the house with this high quality adhesive vinyl wall sticker. The design itself is an amusingly quirky portrait of the soaring clock-tower, complete with a set of fluffy clouds either side which add to the whimsical nature […]

Cn Tower Wall Sticker With this attractive wall sticker, the world’s largest tower can comfortably fit into any room of the house and still look good. Even in a smaller design, the tower sticker is easily noticeable yet is subtle enough to blend in with the style of the specific room. The barest of walls […]

Colliseum Wall Sticker A colliseum wall sticker adds a sense of history to a room, and compliments other features, which are based on this particular theme. These stickers are available various sizes and colours, which means there is a sticker for most types of wall colours and furniture. Fitting a colliseum sticker is easy, thanks […]

Eiffel Tower Wall Sticker An Eiffel Tower wall sticker is impressive in its own right, but it can also be a happy reminder of a visit to Paris. This iconic landmark can be used in various different ways in and around the home. Use in the bedroom to add to a Parisian theme, or make […]

God of War Wall Sticker This wall sticker is great for adding a focal point to a room – easily applied, low cost and available in a variety of colours. The God of war design is very striking, and will appeal to a variety of people. If you have a child who is into computer […]

Statue of Liberty Wall Decal Acting as a desirable alternative to traditional methods of wall decoration, this wall sticker featuring the famous Statue of Liberty is a great way to add interest to an otherwise plain surface. It can be applied anywhere of your choosing; windows, ceilings, walls, it is entirely up to you. The […]

Statue of Liberty Head Wall Sticker Bring New York to your home with this silhouette sticker of the Statue of Liberty’s iconic head. Ideal for all sorts of surfaces, this wall decal will be a talking point for your visitors and an elegant reminder of the magic of the Big Apple. This high quality adhesive […]

Tower of Pisa Wall Sticker Though it perpetually threatens to topple over onto the ground, the Leaning Tower of Pisa wall sticker is masterfully designed and gives out an impressive and professional tone. It’s ideal for a living or sitting room where guests can be entertained, or even the front hallway as the first thing […]

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