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This Chinese writing elegant wall sticker is available in
S - 40cm(H) x 40cm(W)
M - 55cm(H) x 52cm(W)
L - 65cm(H) x 62cm(W)

Chinese Writing Elegant Wall Sticker

Chinese writing elegant wall sticker

A perfect gift to decorate the wall above the desk of any discerning writer whether it be professional writing or merely a love of letter writing, is an adhesive backed, vinyl sticker now available, depicting an elegant sample of Chinese writing.

The classic beauty of this craft is perfectly yet simply demonstrated as all pieces of good art usually are. Visually pleasing, it also has a sense of timeless mystery which is sure to initiate many a discussion by visiting friends as to its meaning and relevance.

Such appreciation alone makes the purchase of this item well worth anyone’s consideration.

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