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This Sleep is an Artform wall sticker is available in
S - 35cm(H) x 55cm(W)
M - 45cm(H) x 72cm(W)
L - 55cm(H) x 90cm(W)

Sleep is an Artform Wall Sticker

Sleep is an Artform wall sticker

We accomplish far much more in our sleep than we realise, and we all know that it is a very important part of the day. Every now and then, we need reminding of the importance of doing it well and taking pride in our sleep!

Well, this wall sticker certainly captures the ‘artform’ of a good night’s sleep. What better place to display such a piece than right above your bed! This fits in nicely with any modern bedroom design, or if you’re a living room napper then perhaps you would prefer to display it there!

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, keep reminding yourself of the importance of sleep!

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